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Game of Towers

Sihtgrupp: Muu
Keskmine läbimise aeg: 10 tundi 18 minutit
Raja autor: Ad min
This is a Game of Towers. The objective of the game is to travel back in time (14-15 century) and to take a guided tour of Tallinn city walls and towers. It is not important to visit all 41 towers and gates. You can select certain area of the town and focus on towers in that area. You can visit the museums and shops and cafeterias located in the towers or nearby and walk on the city wall. Opening hours and prices are introduced in the game as additional data but you have to be close enough (50 m) to the tower to open this information. You may also answer to short single choice questions designed to memorize the towers’. Unfortunately some of the towers didn’t manage to resist the time. Find out who survived and who are gone. You can also look at the drawings how towers looked back then. Most of the illustrations used in this game are from Zobel, R. (1980) Tallinna keskaegsed kindlustused. Kirjastus: Valgus. Tallinn.

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